Our modern equipment

Our machining equipment represents the best and latest industry technology in the Nordic countries.

It allows for extremely versatile machining on pieces of different shapes and sizes. For programming, we use HyperMill and Mastercam software, and pieces are precision-measured using a Tesa Micro-hite 3D measuring machine.

Turning Centers

7  Deckel Maho DMC 60 – 210 turning centres

There are 7 turning centres with maximum work areas up to axis measurements x-1800mm, y-2100mm and z-1250mm. The maximum diameter of a piece is 2500mm. The maximum milling weight is 7000kg and the maximum turning weight is 5000kg.

  • Maximum work area x-1800, y-2100 and z-1250
  • Maximum diameter 2500mm
  • Maximum milling weight 7000kg and maximum turning weight 5000kg

Machining Centers

3 machining centres

The maximum work areas of our machining centres reach axis measurements of x-4000mm, y-900mm and z-965mm. The maximum diameter of a piece is 800mm and the maximum milling weight is 1200kg.

  • Maximum work area x-4000, y-900 and z-965
  • Max. Ø 800mm
  • Maximum milling weight 1200kg


11 lathes

Our range of lathes features 11 different types of lathes – dual-spindle CNC lathes, 5-axis and basic lathes. The maximum diameter of pieces that can be worked with these lathes is 700mm.

  • Dual-spindle CNC, 5-axis and basic lathes
  • Maximum Ø 700mm
  • Maximum turning length 3000mm
  • Hydraulic supporting bearings


3 saws

Our pre-processing department has 3 automatic saws to process semi-finished products for production from raw materials. The saws’ maximum cutting diameter is 520mm.

  • Max. Ø 520mm
  • Automatic