Machining with high competence

Our machining equipment represents the best and latest industry technology in the Nordic countries. It allows for extremely versatile machining on pieces of different shapes and sizes.

For programming, we use HyperMill and Mastercam software, and pieces are precision-measured using Zeiss Accura CMM.

5-axis mill-turning centres

We have seven 5-axis machines with mill-turning technology. Compared to a standard 5-axis machine, the mill-turn option achieves very high accuracy when the part can be machined and turned complete with only one set-up. It is possible to make challenging and complex shapes with these machines. Typical workpieces for these machines are all kinds of cast blanks, molds or impellers.

We have over 15 years of experience in 5-axis mill-turn machines. Maximum travel distance x-1850 mm, y-2100 mm, z-1450 mm. The maximum workpiece diameter is 2500 mm. The maximum workpiece weight is 7,000 kg for milling and 5,000 kg for turning

DMU 210 FD

Travel distance. X 1850 mm, Y 2100 mm, Z 1450 mm
Table size 1850 mm
Max. table load when milling 7000 kg
Max. table load when turning 5000 kg
Max. workpiece height 1450 mm
Max. turning diameter 2500 mm


Travel distance. X 1600 mm, Y 1600 mm, Z 1100 mm
Table size 1400 mm
Max. table load 3500 kg
Max. workpiece height 1350 mm
Max. turning diameter 1600 mm
Pallet changer


Travel distance. X 1250 mm, Y 1250 mm, Z 1100 mm
Table size 1100 mm
Max. table load 2000 kg
Max. workpiece height 1100 mm
Max. turning diameter 1250 mm
Pallet changer


Travel distance. X 800 mm, Y 800 mm, Z 800 mm
Table size 800 mm
Max. table load 1200 kg
Max. workpiece height 1450 mm
Max. turning diameter 900 mm
Pallet storage system
Machines quantity 3 pcs.


Travel distance. X 600 mm, Y 700 mm, Z 600 mm
Table size 630 mm
Max. table load 500 kg
Max. workpiece height 600 mm
Max. turning diameter 650 mm
Pallet storage system

CNC machining centres

Machining centres 4 pcs.

2pcs horizontal machining centres integrated into the same pallet storage system. The shared pallet storage system allows the high productivity of large series sizes.

The vertical machining centre is equipped with a pallet changer to complete smaller pieces.

The travelling column milling machine is equipped with a universal milling head and a rotary table.

The maximum working areas of the machine are x-4000 mm, y-900 mm and z-965 mm.

Sorvit - Metallisorvaamo M.Hakala


Our lathes selection includes 10 different types of lathes.

Lathes with dual-spindle, part loaders and bar feeders allow the high productivity of large series sizes.

Multi-tasking lathes with milling spindles enable the production of more demanding and complex parts.

We also have basic cnc lathes.

Maximum piece size with lathes
max Ø 700 mm
max. turning length 3,000 mm

Sawing machines

3 saws

Our pre-processing includes 3 pcs. of automatic saws that are used to process raw material blanks for production. The maximum cutting diameter of the saws is 520 mm.

Max. Ø 520 mm
Automatic machines.