Fast and high-quality service

We are a part of the customer’s supply chain. Our operations are based on long-term customer relationships, identification of the customer’s needs, uncompromising professional skills, and continuous development.

We use the latest technology to responsibly manufacture machining components for machinery and equipment according to contracts. We are a machining professional in the metal industry, and a reliable partner. We ensure that our customers receive high-quality and precise products and components exactly when they need them.

Strong professional expertise in machining

Our diverse range of modern equipment and our highly trained personnel guarantee that our customers receive the most modern service possible.

We have a wealth of experience dating back to 1974, when the company was founded.

Materials from our own warehouse

Our expansive materials warehouse allows for fast and precise deliveries.

We stock a wide range of stainless and acid-resistant steels, as well as a number of special alloys, for use in our own production. Our materials warehouse also contains black steel, aluminium, bronze, and plastic.

Other services

Our range of services includes surface and heat treatments, acidification, repair welding for casting moulds, inspections, and component transport.

We make sub-assemblies for our customers using product components that were either machined by us or supplied by the customer.

We offer a complete service. All of our own and subcontracted services aim to ensure delivery reliability in our customers’ supply chain.

Storage contracts ensure fast delivery times

For our storage contract customers, we manufacture products in accordance with our contracts and store them in our warehouse.  In this way, we ensure the availability of critical products and components for our customers in accordance with agreed terms, and we can guarantee the rapid availability of even large batches.